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  1. We are not a Ponzi Scheme / Pyramid scheme / Chit Fund / Investment Company
  2. We do not offer you Easy Money / Get Rich Quick Schemes
  3. We offer you value for money products and sole aim of business is sales of the goods
  4. ZRIYOS is a Direct Selling entity. By buying a product from Zriyos, you are only buying product for your self usage and there is no investment or expectation of any kind of returns from your purchase
  5. To become a direct seller, you do not require to pay any entry / registration / enrolment / membership fee, cost of sales demonstration equipment and materials or any other fees
  6. Just by purchasing a product from us does not entitle you for any income. To receive income from this business opportunity, firstly you need to become a direct seller of the company by complying with necessary regulations. Your income will solely depend on the sales that you and your team generate. You need to put in the time and effort to see results
  7. All incomes / commissions / remunerations are ONLY sales based. There is NO salaried job / employment for Zriyos Direct sellers
  8. Direct sellers can earn commission only by selling our products. In case you are unable to sell our products you will not earn any income from us